Our restaurants Where to?

Aker Brygge

Our first restaurant in Olivia is located at the venerable Verkstedhallene at Aker Bryggen. The restaurant extends over two floors with large window facing the pier outside. The outdoor serving with its placement on the pier have a fantastic view towards the Oslo fjord and Akerhus Festning. During the summer, the outdoor area is the perfect place to enjoy food together with the view to the sea and vibrant public life.

Olivia Aker Brygge is inspired by Naples, and our menu includes several specialties that is typical of this area, to give you a taste of Naples and southern Italy. .


Nearby the sea, close to Astrup Fearnly-museum, art galleries and inspiring architecture is Olivia Tjuvholmen. With outdoor serving on both sides of the restaurant, you can enjoy the sun from morning to night. As Tjuvholmen is likewise Venezia, build on three holm out in the fjord, there was natural for the restaurant to be inspired from Venezia. 


In the charming Homansbyen is Olivia Hegdehaugsveien an Italian oasis in this vibrant part of the city. The restaurant has become a favorite in the neighbourhood with its two intimate floors inside. What makes Olivia Hegdehaugsveien special is the large outdoor area which we like to refer as our olive garden. Here you can enjoy both cold and warm days with parasols, fireplace, outdoor lightning and heating lamps. 


In the hall of Oslo first railway station is Olivia Østbanehallen placed between the valuts from 1854 and the square towards the fjord and The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. The restaurant is inspired by Milano, where the city is represented both in interior and pictures. There is also a large outdoor area on the square towards the fjord and The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. In a hectic and crowded railway station we want to create the warm Olivia-atmosphere with fireplaces and living candles. 


One of our largest restaurant is located at Egertorget in Karl Johans gate. Olivia Eger is the fifth Olivia restaurant in Oslo and with total three floors and enough space to almost 500 guest inside, we can welcome even more guests and now also in the center of Oslo. In the outdoor area outside the restaurant you can enjoy Italian food while feeling the vibrant city life at Kar Johan. 


The first Olivia restaurant outside Oslo was opened in Trondheim, at Solsiden, an unique part of the city near to Nidelven. With its many bridges over the river, it become natural for the restaurant to be inspired by Firenze. The outdoor area has an unique placement on the pier with its view towards Nidelva and the city life on the square, which can be enjoyed on both warm and cold days. Where the area is equipped with heating lamps, blanket and parasols. Otherwise, Olivia is as you know it with fireplaces and olive trees that gives the warm and pleasant atmosphere. 


In the middle of the famous fish market in Bergen, you find Olivia Zachariasbryggen. The great white three building is placed down to the sea and gives the restaurant the greatest view to Fløybanen and the famous three buildings that characterize Bergen. The restaurant is inspired by Sicilia, which is reflected in part of the menu and interior. Otherwise, Olivia are as you know it, warm and pleasant with fireplaces and olive trees. 


With the view towards the port in Stavanger is Olivia Torget. The restaurant have windows along all wall and is a perfect place to watch the vibrant life of Stavanger. Olivia Torget is inspired by the port city Portofino, which are reflected in both the interior and dishes. Otherwise, Olivia is as you know it with fireplaces, warm and pleasant atmosphere. 


In the heart of the city and busy shopping street in Lillestrøm is Olivia Storgata. Arriving in the restaurant you meet the special chefs table places in the 15 meter long bar. Olivia Storgata is inspired by Bologna, which is known to be the heart in Italy – at least when it comes to food and traditions. You can also enjoy the outdoor area with heating lamps and blankets for colder evening and nights.


Our northernmost restaurant is located in Bodø's newest district and harbor promenade: Ramsalt. A short distance from the railway station and the Hurtigruten quay, you can enjoy the view towards the sea and glimpse Lofoten in the distance. In the summer, you can sit outside in the midnight sun on our outdoor terrace. In other words, a perfect place for a lunch break between all the nature experiences the area has to offer. 


 In the heart of Gandsfjorden, right in the heart of Sandnes is our largest restaurant so far - Olivia Vågen. The restaurant extends over two floors with a large roof terrace which is a fantastic place to enjoy food, drinks and views of the city. Inside we have a large bar, several chambre séparées for private parties and, of course, plenty of space for hungry guests. 

Ole Bulls Plass

Where Torgallmenningen meets Ole Bulls plass and Den blå steinen is our second restaurant in Bergen, Olivia Ole Bulls plass. With the city park, Den Nationale Scene and Hotel Norge as neighbours, the restaurant is located in a square with a lot of history and really in the heart of the city centre.

The restaurant extends over two floors with a large glass pavilion at street level which becomes a fantastic place to enjoy food, drink and a view of the teeming public life outside.